When do you need an Attorney

There are many times when you may be unsure if you need an attorney. There are companies like legal zoom that promise to satisfy your legal needs. In some cases they can, and in some instances they can not. Often the difference is when actual legal knowledge of the law matters. For instance, a simple lease agreement may be easy or difficult depending on the subject matter at stake. Often it will take time to time to understand your issue and craft a solution. Whether you do this on your own, or hire a lawyer will depend on the complexity of the issue and how much is at stake with your legal issue.

Criminal Defense Attorneys And The Law


Criminal Defense Attorneys work to represent the accused and citizens who feel they may be accused of having committed crimes. The persecution seeks to have the court order punish for the accused while the criminal defense attorney seeks lessen the stress of the criminal justice process, attending police questioning sessions, researching the facts of the case, seeking bail for the accused, challenging the merits of the evidence presented by the prosecution and challenging the procedures of the police and the prosecution and if it is in the best interest of the accused to enter into a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Criminal Law and the Purposes of Punishment

Law in the united States can be divided into two major categories, civil law, and criminal. Civil law mediates disputes between individuals while criminal law deals with crimes, offenses against the government. Criminal laws involves the administration of punishments which are carried out for five reasons: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation, restoration.

  • Retribution refers to making the criminals suffer the theory being that people who break the law have in some way made others suffer so this punishment balances the scale.
  • Deterrence means that the law makes an example of a law breakers so when the general populations sees what happens to the law breaker they will be discouraged from breaking the law.
  • Incapacitation refers to protecting the public from the misdeeds of criminals by separating the criminal from the population. Death, banishment and prisons have been used to incapacitate criminals from being able to harm the population.
  • Rehabilitation. The most positive and idealistic purpose of criminal punishment is rehabilitation which seeks to reform the individual to make the criminal give up criminal activity and behave as a valued member of society.
  • Restitution. The victim oriented approach to punishment is restitution which seeks to restore to the victim the harm that was done by the criminal. When administering punishment the criminal justice system usually follows a mixture of several of these poses in any given case.

Duties and Services of Criminal Defense Attorneys

The job of a criminal defense lawyer is to (1) prove that the defendant did not commit a criminal act, or (2) allowing the act did occur but under the circumstances it was defensible. Finally, (3) if the defendant did commit a guilty act and could not raise a credible defense, to bring up mitigating circumstances, and perhaps enter in a plea bargain with the prosecution in an effort to lessen the charge and punishment.

There are several types of defenses that criminal defense attorneys may raise. That the act was a necessity to avoid a greater harm is a commonly accepted defense in many jurisdictions. Suppose a person sees a fire starting in a school that is out of session, breaks into the school and puts out the fire. The loss that would have occurred if they had not put out the fire would have been greater than the damage from breaking and entering. If a citizen is forced to commit a crime they may be able to offer a defense of duress, if the citizen was being threatened with death or great harm at the time.

Throughout the criminal justice process criminal defense attorneys work to protect the rights of the accused and ensure that the prosecution follows established procedures and legitimately proves their charges.

The Importance of Hiring an Injury Attorney

When you become injured in an accident that is not your fault, it becomes imperative that you hire a personal injury attorney. Whether it’s a car wreck, medical malpractice case, work injury, or the results of a nasty fall, these incidents are a part of daily life and it is best to be prepared when they do take place. Retaining the services of a high quality injury attorney greatly increases your chances of obtaining the greatest possible settlement for your pain and suffering. If you don’t want to be taken to the cleaners by the insurance company’s representatives, it is in your best interests to call an injury attorney as soon as you can following the sustaining of injuries.

One of the most crucial reasons, if not the most crucial reason to hire an injury attorney is that their level of legal expertise far exceeds yours. It is downright impossible for a person to work a regular job, take care of their family and handle all of life’s daily challenges while using learning the law library. While you do have the ability to look up your state’s laws, only an injury attorney has the experience to use them in court and win you the proper settlement.

When you’re working under the constrictions of a tight budget, finding the best values for your dollar is of the utmost importance. An injury attorney usually works pro bono and does not get paid unless you win your case. It is doubtful that your legal representation will work entirely for free, as there several different expenses associated with legal matters. This will be for you and your injury attorney to decide.

An injury attorney will have the skills needed to aid you in deciphering difficult paperwork and legal jargon. Going through all of your necessary paperwork and being able to decide what is the best course of work can be incredibly tough. The attorneys working for the opposing side thrive upon creating this level of confusion and leaving accident victims hopelessly outmatched. Hiring an injury attorney with the experience to see through these tactics and the ambition to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves is vital to your success.

For help in the navigation of murky legal waters, be sure to call an injury attorney and do so as soon as possible after the injury occurs. In these cases, time is literally money and your hopes for a settlement shrink with each passing minute that you don’t pick up the phone. Don’t end up wishing you had enlisted the necessary legal expertise to bring home the appropriate judgment. To get the compensation due to you, be sure to contact an injury attorney at your earliest possible convenience.

3 Questions You should Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

The importance of your future shouldn’t be in the hands of someone who isn’t experienced in the criminal justice field. If they’re not experienced and schooled appropriately, its best to move on and hire one who is qualified to help with what you need done. You also want someone who cares about your well-being and the outcome of your trial. Hiring a defense attorney is ultimately hiring someone you completely trust with your future.

Here are three important questions you should ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney.

How many trials has the Defense Attorney been involved in?

It’s important to know if the defense attorney you’re interested in hiring is familiar and comfortable with the trial process. When you hire a criminal defense attorney who is completely willing to go to trial, the outcome of your trial will have a much better outcome. It’s recommended that you hire an attorney who has attended and engaged in, at minimum, 50 trials.

Is the Criminal Defense Attorney a Local Lawyer?

A lot of the time, attorneys will advertise in areas they’re not entirely familiar with. And in most cases, they advertise in places they’ve only visited once or twice.

When hiring a criminal defense lawyer who is local in your area, they’ll have a much better understanding of your local law enforcement, as well as local court practices. Make sure the attorney you hire is familiar with your local law, as this will also provide a better outcome from your trial.

How much will the Attorney cost me?

It’s not the best idea to settle for a price by looking for the lowest rates. However, it’s also not wise to go for the highest-charging attorney, either. It’s important to remember that the fees being charged doesn’t necessarily relate to the service quality being provided by your attorney. Some attorneys will even charge a minimal fee with the intent of avoiding all other possible alternatives just for the sake of pleading your case. You’re basically hiring someone who won’t put in the effort and care needed, when that’s something all attorneys should do for their clients, regardless of what they charge. Don’t hire an attorney just because they’re affordable and within your budget. Take a good look at their reputation, education, and the care they have for their clients.


Make sure that when hiring your criminal defense attorney that it’s an educated decision. And that you’re hiring them with the intent of knowing about their educational background, trial experience, and cost. Follow these guidelines and your future will be in good hands with someone you trust and by someone who cares about your trial.

What To Know When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

Before you start looking for a personal injury lawyer there are several things you need to know. These items of knowledge are critical for you to know before you hire a personal injury attorney.

The first thing you need to know is the your first consultations with a lawyer is usually a free. You may not want a lawyer because it will be too expensive. A lawyer that is worth your time is one that will give you an initial consultation about the facts of your case for free. If the lawyer is looking to charge you for that first visit then you should not look to hire that particular lawyer.

You also need to know that experience with personal injury law is important. The more experience a lawyer has the better they will be in the courtroom. Make sure you hire a personal injury lawyer make sure that attorney has experience with personal injury attorney.

Before you hire a personal injury attorney be aware that you should not hire an attorney that you met at a hospital. Ambulance chasing is against the law in most states and you do not want to hire a personal injury attorney that openly breaks the law. If you get a call or a letter from a lawyer right after you are injured then you definitely do not want to hire that lawyer. Hire a personal injury lawyer with integrity instead of an ambulance chaser.

Also be aware that settling is a legitimate option and in some cases you do not even need to file a lawsuit. The majority of cases are settled before going to trial and sometimes a case can be settled without even being filed. If you hire a great personal injury attorney they might be able to settle the case by talking to the insurance company. Hire a great personal injury lawyer in order to settle the case as quickly as possible.

You also need to be aware of what type of fee your lawyer is using. You should look for a lawyer who is offering a contingency fee. This means that you do not need to pay until you have been paid. Understanding the fee structure is necessary to hire the best possible personal injury lawyer.

You also need to be aware that your case may take a long period of time. Before you hire the lawyer you need to ask her how long the case might take. Avoid lawyers that promise the case will be settled really quickly. Well this is a possibility your lawyer should not be make any guarantees.

There are wide arrays of things you need to know before you hire a personal injury lawyer. Know these things before you hire one.

Why You Need A New York City Tax Attorney Right Now!

Doing your own taxes is tricky business, especially when there are so many ways to file incorrectly and have the IRS hunt you down years later for an accidental error. Hiring a New York City tax attorney can save you the time and stress of having to figure it out on your own.

There are also many bonuses that come with coughing up a few bucks to hire someone. Not only can the paid attorneys help you maximize your return, but they are also bound by the Attorney-Client Privilege, meaning they cannot be forced to disclose any information to the IRS about your finances.

If you have already completed your taxes, and made a few errors, a New York City tax attorney can be your knight in shining pinstripe! They have access to many resources that we, as individuals, do not. Your New York City tax attorney can often talk to the IRS and negotiate a better deal on your behalf. Some options are: spreading your tax payment out over time, arguing for a new settlement that would allow you to pay less than you actually owe, or even getting the fines waived all together.

New York City tax attorneys are better than accountants because they have not only a law degree, but additional education and experience in the field of tax law. Accountants can only take you so far, but you will need a certified attorney to take you past that point. This is who you call when you need to take care of back taxes, are facing an audit, or are in any other way tied up in legal trouble where your taxes are concerned.

After meeting with your New York City tax attorney, you should ask them several questions before you pay them to help you. First and foremost, you should ask how long they have been in practice. Not the firm they are employed by, but they themselves.

If you are satisfied with their time in the field, follow-up by asking them how many cases they have handled that are similar to yours. Not just the general “tax-help” category, but specific to your situation. Paying back taxes from five years ago, an audit being conducted on a deduction claim you made but for which you no longer have the receipts, an error made when you still filed jointly with an ex-spouse. It is important to know your representative has had experience with this type of situation before.

You may also want to inquire as to how often they settle cases out of court. If your attorney seems perfect in all other respects, but settles every case by dragging clients to court, you may want to reconsider.